The Chocolate Shop 1914
Thumbnail of a B&W 1909 photograph of the choloclate shop
Batchelder's first big commision. A little restaurant in downtown Los Angeles in 1914, just before he outgrew his small factory in Pasadena and moved to a bigger factory in L.A.

And what an ambitious commission it was! No less that 17 unique murals were created in tile depicting everyday scenes of Dutch life.

Holland was the theme he was given because they intended to sell a lot of chocolate in this restaurant. It was to become a chain of ice cream/soda shops but none were built after this prototype, one theory being that the cost of the interior proved prohibative.

Like the Fine Arts Building the entire interior surface is Batchelder tile; floor, walls, and ceiling. all in chocolate browns, a color range he felt quite at home with. It makes for a rather dark environment however.

Today it is barely recognizable as a bargain shopping arcade of open stalls. See the Rape of the Chocolate Shopp.

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