811The Fine Arts Building,
built in L.A. in 1926
This spectacular tile building can still be seen downtown Los Angeles at 811 West 7th Street.
It is clad inside and out with Batchelder ceramics including figures of Goddesses 12 feet high

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Some Images of the Building here

The lobby interior is one of Batchelder's most spectacular installations. His tile literally covers the walls, floor and ceiling of the two story atrium. Life size clay figures of the seven muses gave down on the pedestrians from the mezzanine. A fountain occupies the center of the floor. Built in art showcases line the walls. Far more ambitious than the Chocolate Shop the Fine Arts building assignment came a full 12 years later.

The interior and exterior were used in the movie "Spawn".
Rent it and see for yourself! It's a big scene towards the beginning.

bronze palque of the Historical Cultural Monument status No. 123

Commemorative Plaque: